Large Cityscape on Panel: WIP

I recently started work on a large cityscape on panel. This work in progress measures 4'x8' and using oil - my current preferred medium. It's based on a thumbnail sketch I created from a photo I took of the skyline. While the photo was taken facing east toward the skyline, the painting is looking west from the lake. But, depending on where you are along the lakefront, you'll see the same positioning of the larger buildings as you would looking from the west toward the lake. Click on the images to view larger.

Water tank - painting in progress

One of the half dozen paintings in progress that I've been working on is starting to take more shape. The composition comes from the view looking south from my studio rooftop. The water tank is on top of the old Pencil Factory Lofts a block over from my studio in Roscoe Village. I've added more buildings in the background, giving it a more claustrophobic feel.

Spring, or just the usual art

Spring is here, then it's not. Rain, fog; some summer weather with long bike rides. So cold you see your breath. May in Chicago. But it makes for productive time in the studio... It's nice to now (occasionally) have the windows open in the studio while painting. I'm gearing up for my solo gallery show opening July 24 at Firecat Projects in Bucktown. I'm currently working on about a half dozen cityscape paintings and always taking photos and making sketches to use for inspiration. I'll be showing these new pieces along with some other older works.

Oh, and there's the Cornelia Arts Building Spring Open Studios happening on Friday, May 29, 6-10pm.

So needless to say, I've been slacking off in the blogging department. I missed posting in April (the first time in 7 years I didn't make a monthly post).

Here are some images from my sketchbook, studio, and the poster for the CAB show...

IMG_0956 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0955



In the studio: cityscape paintings in progress

This is a view of the studio in late January. No shows approaching -- so lots of things going at once and the studio is in general disarray. Things are blending together. Some abstract stuff and more controlled straight-forward brush stokes. Both styles are informing each other. I'm also working on expanding some of my color palette. Mostly though, just trying out new things and keeping it loose. studio 1.25.15

December in the studio

I've been working on multiple paintings the last couple months but haven't finished any recently. So, continuing to work on them and starting new ones and other projects, like these 3D watertanks, which I will continue to explore: IMG_0381 Rooftop Watertanks, mixed media on cardboard, works in progress

And getting close to finishing this piece which is based on a photo from New York. Working in a more limited, muted palette.

IMG_0386 Rooftop Escape Plan, oil on panel, work in progress

And another still in the works, also based on New York imagery:


Lofty Towers, oil on panel, work in progress

And there are a few more paintings in progress that I'll post soon...

Rooftop WaterTanks - Paintings in Progress

I'm working on about 6 or 7 paintings right now - three of them are focused on rooftop watertanks. One is based on the Swedish watertank in Andersonville that was removed last spring, one is from the West Loop/Fulton Market, and one from my imagination - no specific location. They are disappearing elements in our city skylines, so I enjoy documenting them while they're here. All of these are large scale pieces, oil on panel. rooftop_tanks_WIP

Rooftop Watertanks, oil on panel, works in progress

Work in progress: Fulton Market cityscape

I started this painting over the weekend while finishing another one up. This piece is 4 feet by 4 feet square - mixed media: acrylic, spray paint, oil on masonite panel. I'm working toward keeping the painting loose and energetic and using different tools to scrape the paint to add more textures and blend the colors. Working large and using different media helps to keep things loose and more immediate like a sketch. The image is based on a small painting I made from a photograph I took in the Fulton Market neighborhood in Chicago. You can see the small version in the upper left corner. IMG_9424 Fulton Market, mixed media on panel, work in progress, 2014

IMG_9422 Fulton Market, mixed media on panel, work in progress, 2014

New painting on the easel

I've been working on this piece for about the last week or so. It's based on a photo I took in New York while strolling along The High Line. Lots of great views and unlimited inspiration from this former elevated rail line - now a park - along the west side in Manhattan. Still more to go on the painting and details to be added...

high_line_stacks High Line Stacks - work in progress, 18x24, oil on panel