Animated iPad drawing - Loop Tracks

I have been playing around with the iPad Brushes application. It's now a free open source app. Basically, you can draw/paint on the iPad and mimic various brushes, textures, etc. The app can also record your brushstrokes which is both pretty cool and creepy. But it's a great way to create a time-lapse video of the painting process. I mirrored the iPad animation onto my laptop using Airplay and then used AirServer to record it and export out as a video file. Then post to my Youtube channel. Hopefully, future functionality will have video export built in to the application.

Here's the final image:


Digital projection onto a NYC skyscraper

My painting, Gallery District Lofts, will be projected onto a skyscraper as part of the Creatives Rising exhibit on Saturday night October 5 in Queens, NYC. You can view it approximately at 11:05pm being projected on the Linc LIC Building, 43-10 Crescent St. It will also be shown at the See.Me Gallery space that same night during the opening party - screen #8. Address is 26-19 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY. Wish I could be there to see it...

Click here for more info about the Creatives Rising show.

Gallery District Lofts, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2013

Exhibition in New York City - Opening Reception this Week

I'm excited to announce that three images of my cityscape paintings will be included in an exhibition in New York City. They will be projected on flat screens and large-scale on a wall. Here's one of the images that will be included:

West Loop Cityscape, acrylic on canvas, 24x48, 2012

The Story of the Creative
Curated by
July 25-September 10

Opening Receptio
Thursday, July 25th, 7-11pm
Location: Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art
172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002

Exhibition Continues through September 10th:
See.Me Exhibition Space
26-19 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, Queens
New York, NY 11101