Story Panels - works in progress

These two paintings below (oil on canvas) are works in progress. Using oil paint is new for me and the format is also an experiment. For a long time, I've been trying to figure out how to combine my various media and subject matter in one piece. So instead of creating a full composition that combines all of those, I decided to divide up the canvas into multiple "panels/sections" to create a story or theme. By combining cityscapes and water tanks with abstracts, aerial landscapes, or figures, I can connect different series of work more closely. What I also like about this concept is that each painting is really three paintings in one.

Story Panels (works in progress), Oil on canvas, 24x30

I was inspired to create these story panels after seeing the Deborah Kass exhibit at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh recently. Artist David Salle also does a great job of creating paintings by breaking up the canvas in different sections to tell a story. My experience creating "exquisite corpse" pieces during a group drawing exercise also helped create some ideas for this series. I'd like to work toward making some pieces that are much larger and on wood panels. With panels, I could add collage and screen print images to develop mixed media pieces that further combines my media and subject matter.