Saturday Shots: New York Photos

Birds and Bees (East Village - New York), photograph, 2009

I shot this walking through the East Village on a trip to New York last week. This was a wall next to a community garden. A great life-like stenciled image of a bird is paired with a more raw graffiti style painting of a bee.

125th Street (Harlem - New York), photograph, 2009

This was taken on a Saturday afternoon stroll with my wife and old friend Rafael through Harlem. The main drag of 125th Street is filled with street vendors and an assortment of shops. This shot was taken not far from the Apollo Theater from what I remember. Click on the image to see a larger version - check out the woman in the middle -- screaming!

Walk, Don't Walk (New York), photograph, 2009

My wife and I were walking back to the subway after a jazz show heading for a late dinner. When we came across this sign, we weren't sure what to do!

Note: My weekly "Saturday Shots" now replaces "Photo Fridays". It's much easier to post regularly on the weekend...