Productive studio day

A good fall weather mix of sun, clouds, slight breeze followed by dark clouds and rain made for a productive day at the studio.

I'm working on a series of water tanks. I have 3-4 in progress. This one is a painting from a photo I took near Leonard and Varick St. in Tribeca, NYC. More layers and details to go but starting to take more shape. The conté crayons are allowing me to alternate between sketch-like marks and paint. Fun process so far!

This next one is a small sketch on paper with conté crayon painted over an inkjet photo; a viewpoint near Chelsea off of the High Line in NYC. The walk along the High Line is one of the best views you'll get in Manhattan.

This sketch is an attempt to get the composition and cropping down, which explains the various border markings. I will eventually be turning it into a large-scale painting on a 36"x36" wood panel.

I haven't touched this next painting for about a year until today. Using conté crayons, I sketched over areas of the painting to create more depth and to give it a more immediate feel. Still more to go but it's feeling a lot closer to being done now. This is based on a close-up up Boticelli's Birth of Venus.