Paintings: faceless people -- lost in a crowd

What I like about this series of paintings is the quick, loose brush strokes I used. They are based on photos and sketches of people on the street in New York City. I tried to capture the frenetic energy and movement of being on the street in Manhattan. This is also the first time I've used multiple people in a painting. Faceless people -- lost in a crowd. Usually, I just feature one person, so this was also an experiment in subject matter.

Painted most of these in late 2009. I am currently working on a new series of water tanks/cityscapes where I'm looking to bring back some of this looseness and immediacy.

There She Goes Again, acrylic on wood panel, 20x20, 2009

Times Square Crosswalk, acrylic on panel, 18x24, 2010

Yellow Dress, acrylic on canvas paper, 12x16, 2009

Blonde Cell Phone, acrylic on canvas paper, 12x16, 2009

Heading to the Subway, acrylic on canvas paper, 12x16, 2009

Headphones and Crowd, acrylic on canvas panel, 14x18, 2009