Chicago Skyline Sunset - at a hotel near you

Chicago Skyline Sunset, photograph, 2002

Recently I was selected by an Atlanta-based art consultant (Faulkner + Locke, Inc.) for placement of my art in a major hotel chain. The Sheraton in Elk Grove, IL is in the process of remodeling their guest rooms and public areas. My "Chicago Skyline Sunset" photograph is being printed onto canvas, framed, and hung in all 250 guest rooms. The print size is 27" high x 33" wide.

I had been talking with Faulkner + Locke on-and-off for about a year until everything came together. In April, the licensing agreement was in place and I sent them a digital image of the photograph. Today, I received my artist's proof of the print -- it looks great! And being printed on canvas really brings out the painterly quality of the photograph.

Since the hotel is just out in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I'll eventually be able to see the finished hotel redesign with my art on the walls. Of course, I will post those installation photos when everything is ready.

Working with an art consultant is very exciting as it has opened up a new door for me, helping to bring my work to a wider audience. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring this area some more and curious where it might take me. So far it's been a rewarding experience.