Chicago Lakefront Skyline - finished commission painting

Chicago Lakefront Skyline, acrylic on panel, 30x60, 2012

I took me two months, but the Chicago Lakefront Skyline commission painting is finished! This was a very fun and challenging project where I pushed myself creatively and physically.

I went on many long bike rides along the lakefront to take reference photos and also created images using Google Earth to get some of the views to create the composition. I even went to a professional sailboat race at Navy Pier for inspiration. Many days, I painted for 6 hours straight only taking bathroom breaks or to eat. And this was during the hottest summer ever in Chicago in a studio with no air conditioning! 

I'll have the painting on view in my Studio #201 at the Cornelia Arts Building Fall Open Studios.

October 5, 2012
6 - 10pm
1800 W. Cornelia, Studio #201
Chicago, IL 60657