Art at Transistor

As of last weekend, I have a some screen prints on record album up now at Transistor. The shop just moved locations from Andersonville to Ravenswood/North Center (on Lincoln near Trader Joe's).

I just moved back to an apartment in Andersonville but the new Transistor location is, coincidentally, three blocks from my art studio. I'm excited to be a part of this great space with its mix of art, music, books, electronics, live music, DJ's, film screenings and art classes.

Thanks to Andy and Rani for inviting me to show at Transistor! Here are some photos of my art on the wall behind the DJ area:

Rooftop Water Tanks

Rooftop water tanks are a unique architectural feature in cities - especially Chicago and New York. They are a link to our industrial past and a disappearing element of the cityscape. Due to the decline of these structures, I've been making it a point to photograph them when I see them. These photos are then used for reference in my cityscape paintings or as the main focal point of my screen prints. 

This series of screen prints created on record album covers uses a photograph I took of a water tank on Kingsbury Street in Chicago. I used acrylic to paint over record album covers, then screen printed the water tank image on top, allowing some of the original album art or text to show through.

I enjoy the multi-faceted process of screen printing and the experimental nature of the medium. I like to work quickly so screen printing lets me create many images at once.